what is boxkitty


"Kitty Says Relax" is BoxKitty's mission and expectation.

Do you afraid of your cat always watch paint dry? 
Cat lover design office BOXKITTY  launch a “cat super love" and "very durable" CATPARK.


BoxKitty - The Modular Cat house

The Purrfect Modular Cat House, it's modular design lets you build the best cat house!

108% funded on June 5, 2016


BoxKitty is an amazing cat house that lets you create the purrfect space for your cat, to play and relax in.

Cats need their own territory and place to call their own, BoxKitty can be that space, helping them feel more relaxed, mentally and physically.

Because of its clever modular design, BoxKitty can fit into any home, and can be changed at any time to suit both you and your cat.