Boxkitty Make Cats Live Better.

BoxKitty Makes Your Cat’s Life Better

You spend time and money improving your home, making it a better place for you to live, so why not improve your cat’s living space too?
We want to make your cat’s life better. BoxKitty can create different spaces for each cat’s unique personality.

Enjoy BoxKitty With Your Cat!

BoxKitty: Easy and fun to assemble however you like!

Boxkitty Simplicity To Design.

BoxKitty can be made to suit any home.

See how to assemble BoxKitty

Happy Cat = Happy You

Cats are part of your family, and deserve
their own space, where they can feel
comfortable and relaxed.

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BoxKitty Features

Cat’s need their own territory, so that they can relax;
BoxKitty can give them their own perfect space.
See some of what makes BoxKitty Special:

Boxkitty Is Modular.


BoxKitty's Unique minimal design allows you to build whatever you want.

Boxkitty Is Highly Durable.

Highly Durable

BoxKitty uses very durable materials to make it stronger, and last longer.

Boxkitty Is Safey for cat.


BoxKitty uses safe and none toxic materials, including special board from New Zealand.

Boxkitty Is More Choice.

More Choice

BoxKitty lets you create, your own perfect cat house..

I’m Edward CEO of BoxKitty, thank you for your interest in our product.We are dedicated to enriching you and your cat’s lives together, and we are sure you can have as much fun using BoxKitty, as we did creating it.
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